I'm always open to new and exciting opportunities.

I'm a senior java software engineer and certified scrum master with over a decade of professional experience ranging from highly scalable enterprise solutions to small mobile applications. I'm a strong team player and a firm believer in the Agile development process.


This or That Media Senior Java Software Engineer - September 2011 ~ Present

A technology startup company focused on building a portfolio of products.
  • Work directly with the CEO and CTO to translate business goals to software requirements.
  • Responsible for the design, development, deployment, and maintenance of core business applications.
  • Communicate with external vendors and service providers.
  • Mentor other development team members

Scripps Networks Interactive (NYSE: SNI) Software Engineer Analyst III - March 2010 ~ September 2011

An American media company focused on lifestyle media with brands including HGTV, Food Network, DIY Network, Cooking Channel, Travel Channel, and Great American Country.
  • Served as the certified Scrum master for a team of 8
  • Collaborated and recommended best practices regarding technologies and organizational processes
  • Analyzed business needs and recommended technology based solutions.
  • Developed custom software solutions to meet ever changing business requirements.
  • Participated in enterprise wide initiatives within the information technology department.
  • Evaluated legacy applications and recommended strategies to migrate toward more modern solutions.
  • Assisted in creating a new custom application development team.

dreamcore, LLC Partner, Software Engineer - June 2009 ~ December 2011

A small startup company that developed a software solutions for local businesses to sell tickets online.
  • Designed and developed a highly available ticketing system for live entertainment events.
  • Deployed custom software in customer facing businesses for the sale of live entertainment tickets.
  • Worked with local business owners to migrate to a custom ticketing solution.
  • Managed the day to day servers and systems operations for the ticketing software

Cadre5 Software Engineer - June 2001 ~ March 2010

A technology consulting company that served built custom products and sometimes served as temporary IT staff for startup companies.
  • Provided IT consulting services on a project basis.
  • Analyzed business models and practices in order to propose viable solutions within the scope of a project.
  • Gathered specific project requirements to fit the need of the business or project.
  • Covered all aspects of development and programming.
  • Provided reliable and accurate estimates on both time lines and cost.

Past Projects

Insurance Leads Application

This project is currently under active development.

Java 1.7, Spring 3.2, Hibernate 3.6, MyBatis 3.2, Jasypt 1.8, JSON, SendGrid, Percona MySQL, Groovy 1.8, XML, XSD, RabbitMQ, Apache HTTP Server, Nginx, HAProxy, Liquibase, Ant, Ivy, Tomcat, jQuery, HTML, JSP, JUnit, TestNG

Media Metadata Enterprise Application

A legacy enterprise wide business to business web application needed to be enhanced with new functionality but created in a way that was much more maintainable than the legacy code.

Java 1.6, Spring 3.0.1, Hibernate 3, Spring JDBC, Tomcat, Mule ESB, jQuery, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Wicket, JUnit, TestNG

  • Upgraded the web application to use all of the latest versions of frameworks and libraries.
  • Design of a strategy to handle legacy vs new code within the context of the application.
  • Developed a new form based work flow using modern technologies (Spring, jQuery) to support the new required functionality.
  • Assisted in fully regression testing the existing functionality.
  • Enhanced parts of the existing legacy application to use more recent and maintainable technologies.

PeopleSoft Custom Integration

The project financial experts to reconcile costs between a 3rd party system (PeopleSoft) and their own financial systems. Enterprise web services were created to allow additional future consumers of financial events to easily integrate other systems.

Java 1.6, Spring 3.0.1, Hibernate, Spring JDBC, Tibco ActiveMatrix 2.x / 3.x, JMS, SOAP, XML, XSD

  • Dissected a 3rd party vendor's database schema to locate the necessary pieces of information used to generate enterprise level events.
  • Developed a custom adapter for PeopleSoft to generate enterprise financial events.
  • Designed and developed five distinct enterprise web services with logical work flows.
  • Designed and developed a secure enterprise web application that supported reviewing and replaying failed enterprise messages.
  • Utilized test driven development practices.
  • Originally developed the web services using Tibco ActiveMatrix 2.x. Later ported the web services to Tibco ActiveMatrix 3.x.

CVS Pharmacy

RxConnect is a custom web application that allows CVS employees who work in call centers to take prescriptions over the phone. The system faxes the prescriptions to the appropriate stores. The project completion date coincided with the opening of 5 new call centers to support 1500 CVS Pharmacy stores.

Java 1.6, Spring 3.0.1, iBatis, Spring Security, SiteMinder w/ x501

  • Worked closely with CVS technology staff to integrate the new application into their existing SiteMinder single sign-on solution.
  • Designed and developed the custom application based around call center employee usage patterns.
  • Fully load tested with projected traffic to be certain the application would support the necessary volume.

Y-12 National Security Complex

The Command and Control Center is a project under consideration that would replace the fire station, emergency operations center, and the plant shift superintendent's office in the Y-12 National Security Complex. Systems will be fully integrated into a new CORE(Common Operational Reference Engine) that will provide efficient monitoring and management of each components.

Java 1.6, Spring 3.0.1, iBatis, Spring Security, SiteMinder w/ x501

  • Analyzed current operational systems for improvements and integration points.
  • Designed and documented detailed requirements for new hardware and software required for the command center's systems.
  • Created functional specification and implementation detail documents for each hardware and software system component.


WaterWATCH is a hardware/software project to provide capability for continuous monitoring of waterway perimeters with an automated multi-technology sensor suite. Developed as a high security system for Miltec; this project involved custom integration with cameras, sonar, radar, joystick and the Linux operating system. Custom video analytics software was developed to assist in attended and unattended signal stream monitoring.


Java 1.6 Spring 2.5 Framework, iBatis, OpenCV, ZoneMinder, Google Maps, OpenLayers, GeoServer, JavaScript, NetBeans, Maven

  • Created a web application for monitoring and setting alarms for cameras, radar, and sonar hardware with various user roles and permissions.
  • Configured ZoneMinder as a video persistence and navigation tool.
  • Seamlessly integrated ZoneMinder as the back end video persistence tool for the web application.
  • Implemented Google Maps and OpenLayers/GeoServer for a visual representation of sensors and alarms.
  • Created an API for interfacing with custom radar and sonar collection software.
  • Designed and created an interface to control radar and sonar hardware.

SNAPS: Shelby County Sheriff's Office

Sensor Network Area Protection System (SNAPS) is a fully wireless based sensor/video/weather data collection system. The data is fused and displayed with operational information on a Geographic Information System based viewer, and provides a standards based output to a regional operations center for sharing this information. SNAPS is a self-contained sensor system that is rapidly transportable and deployable. The system is ideally situated for Special Security Events, where venue protection/security is high. The viewing of active sensors, streaming video, and geospatial data is provided both at a local level, but more importantly can be exported, through a secure IP network for viewing at a regional command center or decision support reach-back facility.


Java 1.5, JMS, Eclipse, Matisse, Swing, MySQL, iBatis

  • Designed and created a client GUI “Dashboard” to remotely monitor sensor arrays.
  • Created a configurable JMS based pub/sub framework for distribution of sensor data, alarms, and database logging.
  • Designed a robust and easily reportable database for sensor collection.
  • Created many custom UI components for intuitive display of sensor data.
  • Designed and created a set of visual historical reports.
  • Profiled and optimized the system for sub-second alarming
  • Integrated with Google Earth for real time display of sensor locations, status, and plume models
  • Created a remote JMX module for application configuration.

Delta Airlines

This project is an automated voice messaging solution to help in the scheduling of pilots during emergency situations. Union guidelines and rules were followed as well as variables such as pilots trained on certain aircraft. The system was designed to off load the outbound calling function of the call center, along with reporting and proof that calls were placed in the proper order based upon union contract rules. This system allowed the call center personnel to concentrate on the inbound scheduling of the pilots.

Java 1.5, J2EE, Spring Framework 2.5 NetBeans, Glassfish, MySQL, DerbyDB, iBatis, PremiereConnect API

  • Designed and created a highly available clustered web application with full user management, roles, and access control.
  • Interfaced with the PremiereConnect API for generating and sending text-to-speech phone calls to airline employees.
  • Created a search system for reporting against text-to-speech jobs that have been submitted.

Ticket Matrix

An online ticketing system with multiple retail locations with similar functions as larger ticketing operations.

Java 1.5, J2EE, Spring Framework 2.5 NetBeans, Glassfish, MySQL, DerbyDB, iBatis, PremiereConnect API

  • Integrated PayPal payment system for accepting online payments.
  • Configured Spring Security to for management of access to various portions of the system.
  • Designed and developed a highly available ticketing system for live entertainment events.
  • Deployed custom software in customer facing businesses for the sale of live entertainment tickets.
  • Worked with local business owners to migrate to a custom ticketing solution.
  • Managed the day to day servers and systems operations for the ticketing software

Rhodes College

Crossroads to Freedom connects a digital archive of materials from the Civil Rights era in Memphis, TN, to community education and engagement. The Crossroads to Freedom digital archive is built on Fedora, with a custom-developed Java front end built on a Spring framework.


Java 1.4, Spring, iBatis, Spring AOP, AJAX, MyEclipse, Elated, JSP, Tiles, JSTL, MySQL, J2EE, Spring Framework 1.5, Eclipse, Fedora Object Repository, ActionScript, Flash, CSS, HTML

  • Developed a Flash based audio/video player and automated transcript reader.
  • Created a Flash based viewer for very high resolution images with zoom and pan capabilities.
  • Utilized Aspects to address cross-cutting application concerns for logging and security.
  • Created a wizard tool for uploading and managing digital archives of various media types including newspapers and video recordings

Sensor Project

A stand alone sensor project allowing remote management and monitoring of a custom built collection of sensors.

Java 1.5, JFreeChart, Matisse, Swing

  • Designed and created a configurable distributed client GUI to monitor a remotely placed sensor.
  • Provided graphical data for GPS, anemometer, and five chemical sensors.
  • Implemented historical data charts for trend analysis.
  • Created adjustable alarm threshold controls for each sensor.

Pentagon Force Protection Agency

IncidentPortal is a Web-based enterprise solution for monitoring, managing, and mitigating Incidents. IncidentPortal provides advanced and comprehensive alert notification and response capabilities for sending, receiving, and sharing data over wired and wireless devices. IncidentPortal enables all involved individuals or organizations to simultaneously be informed of the latest events, updates, and resolutions. Responders can be notified automatically by their mode of choice, whether phone, pager, email, etc. IncidentPortal’s unique two-way alert notification and response capabilities ensure 100% accountability for alerts.


Java, iBatis, ANT, JavaMail, JProfiler, MySQL, SQL Server 2000

  • Replaced existing JDBC model with iBatis data mapping layer
  • Redesigned the existing code base to resolve existing problems with bugs and performance.
  • Greatly simplified the build and deployment processes.
  • Completed unfinished components and added new feature enhancements

Premiere Global Services

The main components of the mobile productivity suite are PrintAnywhere (now known as PremiereAnywhere), an application that enables printing of e-mails and attachments from a mobile device to any fax machine, and ConferenceAnywhere, which allows users to remotely conduct and manage conference calls.

Blackberry, Java, J2ME

  • Designed and created a suite of mobile productivity applications.
  • Implemented a custom solution allowing documents located on a Blackberry to be printed on a telephone connected fax machine.
  • Created a mobile application to control conference calls utilizing Premiere Global Service's conferencing system.

First Tennessee Bank

The Know Your Customer integration project fulfills the Patriot Act requirements for gathering required customer data.

Java, J2EE, Struts, JSP, CruiseControl, JMeter, JProfiler, Ant, JBoss

  • Designed a series of automated tests consisting of regression, bounds, integration, and unit tests.
  • Integrated the project into an automated continuous build cycle using CruiseControl.
  • Analyzed the code base for bugs, performance issues, and overall stability.
  • Setup automated load tests to ensure proper performance in a production environment.
  • Lead system and acceptance testing of the application.

Regal Cinemedia Corporation

The Regal Cinemedia Corporate Box Office system is for business to business sales of movie related products. It also consists of a back end order fulfillment system integrating billing, tracking and delivery of purchases. An advertisement management system is also available to Regal employees to set up ad campaigns on the public facing website.

Java, J2EE, EJB, Struts, JSTL, JSP, JSP Custom Tags, BEA WebLogic, JMeter, HttpUnit, JUnit, Ant, JProfiler, xDoclet, JDBC, DAO, MS SQL Server, SQL Reporting Services, VB.NET, SQL, IIS, DHTML, CSS

  • Developed a framework for building an E-Commerce application allowing business to business and business to consumer sales.
  • Created a custom libraries for menus, shopping carts, special promotional areas, and products.
  • Designed and created an administration system for customizing and controlling products catalogs, customers, and advertisements campaigns.
  • Configured clustering support between BEA WebLogic and IIS for scalability.
  • Profiled and optimized the code base and database for speed and scalability.
  • Created a suite of automated unit tests.
  • Integrated Nova Information Systems credit card transactions.
  • Developed an extensive reporting tool for the creation of custom reports through Microsoft SQL Reporting Services.

IPIX Corporation

The IPIX applet viewer is an applet intended to be embedded in a website for real estate agents to display their properties for sale. It uses the IPX format to display fish-eye photographs in a 360 x 180 degree field of view interface.

Java, Eclipse, UML

  • Created a web based applet viewer for the IPX file format.
  • Implemented new features for movement control, saving and recalling locations, and cross-image anchors.
  • Developed a complete test plan for regression testing and user acceptance.

First Horizon Equity Lending

The First Horizon lead management system is for call center employees to track and follow up with leads for loans. Employees can submit loan applications on behalf of applicants, track the status, and build reports to search for trends.

ASP, VB, MS SQL Server, CSS, JavaScript, IIS

  • Restructured and optimized all existing code to resolve ongoing issues.
  • Integrated new features such as search, reporting, and loan applicant management.
  • Transitioned the hosting to newly optimized web servers.
  • Implemented robust backups and introduced source code version control to the project.
  • Created a customizable reporting system for tracking leads and trends.

Boston Whaler

Boston Whaler is a motorboat manufacturer based in the United States. The Boston Whaler Consumer website allows customers to browser through the catalog of boats and options and provides leads to dealers. The Boston Whaler Commercial website is geared toward commercial and government entities wishing to purchase boats for law enforcement purposes. The Boston Whaler Dealer site is a managed website allowing dealers to track their inventory and retrieve up to date marketing material.

ASP, MS SQL Server, CSS, JavaScript

  • Redesigned the static site commercial and consumer facing websites to serve dynamic content.
  • Built a custom administration area for updating the dynamic content.
  • Designed and created an private site for boat dealers inventory tracking and marketing.
  • Developed a custom web application for personalizing a boat purchase online.


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